The Start of my Journey

Hi, my name is Jen, and I’m a self diagnosed compulsive shopper and beginner hoarder. As soon as I started paying for things with my own money I would have certain “phases” of purchasing specific items excessively. It started with CDs, then briefly went to records, to everything from candles, nail polish, plants, art, stuffed animals, makeup, it was out of hand. I’m talking tens, hundreds of these things. For a while I was proud of my 500+ nail polish collection and probably 50+ candles, but after all of these years I realize how sad I am that I could have saved so much money had I not compulsively bought things and if I wasn’t so fixated on owning EVERYTHING. My biggest wake-up call has been my recent move in March. My parents brought a lot of boxes to me of things from my room at their house and put them in the garage. A lot of these boxes haven’t been touched in months. I even have unpacked boxes in my guest bedroom and guinea pig room. Why do I hang onto all of these things I don’t need? I’ll get into that in another blog post.

Recently I really got inspired by the idea of living minimally and possibly even living in a tiny house someday. I’m so stressed by all of my stuff, I want to be able to know where everything goes in my home, only keep things I need and love, and know that if I needed to pack up and move at the drop of a hat, I could. Sitting on my shelf, partially read, for months was “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Inspired, I picked it up again this week, and I’m determined to read through it multiple times before the year is up. That’s goal number one. For the month of December, I have a goal to get rid of at least 2 things everyday, whether it be throwing them out, packing them up to sell/donate them, or giving them to a friend. Then, by the end of December, I’ll have a manageable start into this process.

Surprisingly though, I’ve had a great head start already. Earlier today I figured out some items that I have not been using that I asked friends if they would like, and even though I won’t get money for the items, I’m ecstatic that they’re going to people I love and that they will get so much joy for the items. I had made a post on my Facebook about trying to get rid of things, and literally as I was typing this post I got a message asking if I had any bookshelves I would want to sell!

One of my biggest obstacles will be getting past my “What if” mentality that my mother raised me on. “What if I need this shelf later? What if I need this shirt for a specific occasion? What if I miss it later?” Granted, I’m sure there are things that will be way too hard to let go of at first, and if I can’t just convince myself that it will be okay, I’ll wait, and once I work through the KonMari method (the methodology of the Marie Kondo’s book), I might surprise myself at how easy it is to let go of those items since that’s exactly what her method teaches you to do.

So, why start a blog? I want to document this journey and write out my reasoning for getting rid of certain things, and to hold myself accountable for getting rid of things. Throughout December I’ll log what I get rid of each day, how I got rid of it, why I got rid of it, and what it felt like. I’ll be able to see my progress, and I’m excited to look back and see where I started.

If you’re reading this, thank you for taking the time to read it, and I hope you continue on this journey with me!