Day 7

Day 7 felt a little like two steps back, but I know that for the future it will be five steps forward, and I’ll definitely change my process as I keep going!

For day 7, I did get rid of some wall scroll I had bought and never hung. My friend has very much likes to hang things on her walls, and she has much much much more space than I do, and after having my wall scrolls and not doing anything with them for a year, I decided they needed to go to someone who could get use out of them. She was very excited!

That was only three items though, so what did I do for the rest of the advent?

Like I said in my last post, after I had started going through all of those boxes and packing things back up that I didn’t want, I realized how much more time it would take in the future to try and sell little items I didn’t think I would get much money for. Instead of going through “new” boxes, I went back through the ones I had already gone through and decided to figure out what I wanted to donate and what I wanted to try and sell. I was really surprised by the process, 90% of the items went in a donate box and only about 10% were things I wanted to try and get money for! My urge to not just figure out what I want to get rid of, but also HOW to get rid of it has grown so much in this process. I just don’t want things in my house anymore. This weekend I’m going to take whatever I can get through these next two days to local thrift shops that sell items for incredibly cheap prices (I’ve taken advantage of this occasionally) to benefit charities that speak to my heart. Even if it’s just one box that I get packed up, getting it out of my house will keep pushing me on my minimalism journey.

What did I gain?

I gained the freedom of knowing I won’t have to mess with items anymore that really aren’t worth anything, and I will spend less time worrying about them and spend more time propelling forward in this lifestyle.


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