Day 6

Day 6 was pretty much the same as day 5,went through three more boxes and decided what I didn’t want. 

When I first started the journey I told myself I wasn’t going to worry so much about HOW to get rid of stuff, I had general ideas, but I’m definitely going to change that approach. I’m actually planning on going through all of the boxes I went through already and filter out what I’ll donate and what I actually want to sell. The real turning point for this was when I found my old Nintendo DS Lite. I still had the box, charger, extra stylus, and instruction manuals, and I figured I could probably sell it for $50 on our local Facebook group. It’s like new, I had barely used it because not too long I got it I got my 3DS. Then I found some jewelry boxes and makeup bags, and inside almost all of then were trinkets. I started to ask myself, “Do I really want to mess with hundreds of these little trinkets for a swap meet?” In the end I decided, no, I’d rather sell the jewelry box they came in for $5 rather than charge 10 cents for each trinket. So, I’m going to go back and evaluate what I actually want to sell and what I just want to get out of my house! I have a feeling the boxes will fill up quickly with small things to donate. 

What did I gain?

I gained the realization that even though I could get a little money for them, I don’t want to deal with small things that really aren’t worth much, and to help my journey progress I will just get rid of them. 


2 thoughts on “Day 6

    1. $10 is a really good amount! I’m going a bit lower with what I will sell things for, but if I can’t get at least a couple of dollars for something at a swap meet, it’s being donated. And then if it doesn’t sell at the swap meet it will be donated anyways! I haven’t written the post yet, but on Day 7 I went back through boxes and separated out the donations from the stuff to sell, and the ratio of donation/selling has been like 90/10, and more so based on size than anything!

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