Day 5

Day 5 was the day I began tackling the boxes from my childhood home. I had briefly glanced through them a couple of days ago right off the bat I knew there was a lot in there that I didn’t want and surprisingly didn’t have any emotional attachment to. I’m taking it at a box a day right now because I also have a million other responsibilities this holiday season, but I have a feeling I’ll blow through them quickly! I hadn’t even planned on starting them until January, but this advent has made me a monster! 

The first box I went through had so much random crap, I don’t even know where to start. I packed back up 95% of the box to get rid of, only keeping some blank cards (I need to write my grandma), some yarn, crochet hooks and knitting needles (a legitimate ongoing hobby. I was so excited to find these!), my old Gameboy color (this will be one of those sentimental object Marie Kondo has to talk me through…) and some old Nintendo DS game cases that I will proooooobably throw away at some point. The rest I threw away or kept in the box for a swap meet and it will go back in the storage room in my garage! 

What did I gain? 

I found out I did have SOME treasures (like the yarn and yarn craft tools) in my boxes, but I’ve been able to detach myself from most of my items already (darn Gameboy Color). Still looking ahead and I’m realizing how much work I have to go, but I know if I keep doing even a little bit everyday, I will achieve my goal! And once the holidays are over I should have a lot more time! 

Side note: I’ve barely missed that stuffed animal I gave away on day 4.

Thanks for reading! 


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