Day 4

Today was a little bit harder, but I’m very proud of myself again. I gave away two things that I really did love, but I wasn’t getting any use from them. On top you see a red panda stuffed animal that I’ve had for a while. It was part of one of my “collections” (but really, hoarding) of round stuffed animals. I have TONS of them, but lately I’ve had them packed away and most haven’t seen any time outside of a closet in months. Although it was hard (and stupid) to say goodbye, I know my friend will enjoy it much more and it won’t be stuck in a closet anymore. The other thing I gave away was a wall scroll that I really liked, but when I had asked my friend if he would like it, he was so excited about it. It had just been rolled up in my guest room since I had moved, and I didn’t really want to (or have the space) to put it up. 

My other HUGE accomplishment today was narrowing down another hoarding situation: candles. I have SO many candles. I had 6 boxes in my Ikea cubicle shelves and I was able to narrow it down to 2. To put it into perspective, I selected over 50 candles to give away. 50. I think I kept about 20, and I’m hoping I can use the up faster or get rid of them again. I also threw out a few that didn’t smell good anymore. I’m going to let my friends go through the collection and pick out what they want, and then pack the rest up for the swap meet. 

Today I was also going through the boxes my parents brought me when I moved into my house to try and find some winter decorations I have (and still haven’t found) and I told my dad I was amazed at how much utter junk I have that I don’t want or need. I just need to take it one step at a time though and keep at it, and eventually I will have the beautiful clutter free home I long for! 

What did I gain? 

I gained a little sadness at letting things I love go, but I also gained the knowledge that I can do it, and it will be better in the long run. 

Thanks for reading! 

(Bonus story: I found a squirrel tail while I was looking for the decorations in my garage. Gotta love having an outdoor cat….)


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