Days 2 and 3

Christmas time. Such a wonderfully busy time of the year, hence the lack of posting Friday. My boyfriend’s office had their Christmas party, so I left work early and didn’t even get to go home until Saturday, which was also quite busy! But, both days I was able to get rid of stuff (or at least prep it for future selling/donating). Friday I woke up and got rid of a poor, unfortunate succulent plant that I had been trying to keep alive, but it was too far gone. I’m not having the best luck with them right now, it’s going to be a good whole before I try again with anymore….. 

At work, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to go home and get rid of anything, I went through my drawers and purse at lunch and got rid of a LOT of trash in them. I didn’t keep count of what was in them, but they were so much more organized! 

Yesterday (Saturday) has been my favorite so far though. My boyfriend and I were at my place waiting to go to a friend’s play, and all of a sudden I was inspired to quickly go through my closet. Clothes are the first thing Marie Kondo says to go through since usually there isn’t emotional attachment. She recommends laying everything out so you can see it, but I didn’t quite have time for that, but I knew there were definitely pieces I wanted to get rid of, so I figured I would start with those and see how much it got to be. 

What a liberating experience. There were things I hadn’t worn in a while, things that didn’t fit, and some things that I knew I probably shouldn’t wear anymore. I threw them all on my bed and packed them up in trash bags to take to the sweep meet or donate (I promise I will not throw away things that are actually useful!). My count in the end was 35 items! Definitely met the goal yesterday and made up for Friday! And I’m going to revisit my closet at the beginning of the year and follow the Konmari method, I’m sure I’ll get rid of even more! 
What did I  gain? 

Friday I gained the peace of mind that I had FINALLY gotten rid of an old dying succulent plant and I felt so much more at ease at work with my drawers organized and decluttered. 

Saturday I gained a lot of closet space and learned I am able to emotionally detach myself from a couple of items that I THOUGHT I would never want to get rid of, and it was so easy!

I’m sure there will be rough patches on my journey, but for right now, I’m incredibly optimistic and ready for punches thrown my way! 

Thanks for reading!  


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