Day 1

So, I found a new challenge today in a minimalist Facebook group I’ve joined recently. It’s basically an advent for minimalists. Today we get rid of 24 things, tomorrow 23 things, day after 22, and so on until you get rid of one on Christmas eve. I love this idea and so want to participate! Today I already fell behind though because I had to run to a freelance client meeting right after work and didn’t get home until ten, and then wanted to shower and write this post. But I kind of did it? I’ll explain.

This is disgusting. There’s no way to put it, and I’m ashamed of it. I have a guinea pig, use to have two (his poor cage mate passed away unexpectedly in August 😦 I still haven’t fully gotten over it), and instead of the regular bedding you buy at the store, I had made nice, custom fleece cage liners for them. Now, the thing with the fleece liners is that they don’t last forever, they get gross and you need to throw them out. My mom and I had spent DAYS making these, and the thought of throwing them out was really heartbreaking to me (damn sentimentality towards objects). One day I cleaned their cage, put the liners in their special laundry basket, and left them there, for over a YEAR. They sat there, dirty. I even moved them from my apartment to my house. I always said I would throw them out, but I never did. Tonight, they’re finally in my garbage can. There was a bed I had bought that was in there that I almost took back out of the trash, but after I thought about how long it had been in there, and all of the other things I have for him, I kept it in the trash can. Tuesday (trash day) can’t come soon enough! There was a lot in that basket, so I think I at least got close to 24!

On top of that, this morning I kind of (?) threw out a pumpkin planter I made for Halloween. I like succulents, and sometimes I rock at growing them, and other times I just SUCK. I can’t find a balance. And it’s so sudden, it will all of a sudden be like, “HEY I’M DYING FROM ROOT ROT AND YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!” This morning I clipped what I could to hopefully try and save and set the pumpkin and dead succulents out in my front yard so hopefully the deer will enjoy it and it will become compost!

Today was about the small victories in a very busy day, but it was all very freeing and such a good start. Tomorrow probably won’t be much better as I head out of town right after work for a Christmas party, but hopefully I’ll make it all up this weekend 🙂

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Well done for leaving it in the trash! It can be hard to let go when you can see the item right there, but once it’s gone you often don’t think of it again.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I’ve still struggled with “Maybe I can get it out and wash it), but then I realized I had totally forgotten about it in the laundry basket anyways, so why stress about it? And if I do absolutely truly miss it further down the road, it is replaceable, but I really don’t think that will happen!


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